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What a stunning setup!

Morning Khali,

We can now sit in front of our techno gadgets and communicate. What a stunning setup your team did for us. Honestly our Saturday morning started with heavy stress moments and

As soon as I saw what the guys did I felt my wife needed to see that immediately in order to lift her spirits. Many thanks for lifting our spirits and please don’t be shocked when you see photos of this setup being flown around as people pride themselves for being there in person to witness the great day. You guys made our day and yes, we commit to referring many OTHER people to you.


We will surely keep in touch and we are still excited. Both Nonceba and I plus many other people at our wedding have declared this decor the most beautiful one we have seen.



Ishmael and Nonceba


God Bless You, Your Family, Your Friends and Those You Interact With


21 September 2013 – Eagle Canyon – Groom

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