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Wedding flowers like never before


Wedding flowers are not just a tradition to incorporate into your wedding. It is not about adding pockets of flowers and moving on to the next thing on the list. When incorporated properly, wedding flowers – along with your wedding dress – can capture the soul of the day like no other component to truly make your wedding unforgettable.


Cheaters never prosper

There’s so much more to planning a wedding than simply picking a theme, downloading internet pictures of wedding venue flowers and cloning them. Things such as the height of the roof, wall colours and textures, flooring, backgrounds and setting can affect your wedding décor flowers, and all need to be considered. Copy-paste and easy routes tend to fall short.


Add a personal touch

It is your wedding. At the end of the day, flowers can add such a personal connection. They speak about who you are. Know yourself and let the flowers compliment you as a couple. Hidden discreetly in your bouquet of flowers or the wedding table flowers, you can master arrangements to incorporate the following:
• Miniature soccer/rugby ball pendants (whatever his hobby, show hubby you’re his number one fan)
• Flowers that are national emblems (especially if you have a rich ethnic/international heritage)
• Tiny heartfelt lockets with pictures of deceased parents (so their memory can be part of your special day)


Cost-cutting flower power (seasonal flowers)

Using seasonal flowers can help you stretch your budget. Experts can advise on a wide assortment of local flowers in bloom and help you find creative solutions on how to arrange them. You just need to be willing to be open-minded and let your imagination go beyond the “typical” wedding flowers.


Think beyond a bed of roses

There’s more to flowers for wedding receptions than roses. A whole garden awaits your individuality. Just ask the flower specialists. If roses are your dream, you can still incorporate them in your arrangements – after all, roses are beyond beautiful – but you will have more insight on how to use them like never before.

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