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Wedding Keepsakes

The importance of wedding favours is very often overlooked – unfortunately. A couple’s wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day of their lives and while there is a multitude of other things to think about, if you skimp on the wedding keepsakes, you’re probably going to regret it.


A wedding keepsake is a special favour designed to serve as a reminder of the day that your family and friends shared with you. Exchanging vows with your loved one is certainly a day to remember! By choosing the right wedding keepsake, you are evoking memories around your ceremony and the special day that you chose to share with them. At the same time, selecting a wedding favour that doesn’t convey who you are or is simply not representative of your wedding, could be a waste of money.
So what’s the trick to choosing a keepsake that will actually be kept and cherished? Choose something that will be useful to your guests after the wedding day.


Some great wedding keepsake ideas include:

  • Polaroid cameras on all the tables so that guests can take their own photos to take home with them
  • Fridge magnets
  • Engraved keepsake items such as champagne / shot glasses, coasters and similar
  • Personalised wine stoppers
  • Personalised candles / candle holders
  • Gift boxes filled with snacks and treats
  • Wedding gift boxes with good-luck charms inside
  • CDs or flash drives featuring music / photos from the wedding or lead up to the wedding

Below are 5 tips on how to choose the right wedding keepsakes:


  • Play up your theme – try to keep your wedding keepsake closely related to the theme of your wedding.
  • Keep it simple and local. Don’t spend too much time and attention on looking for keepsakes that aren’t locally available. If you’re going to include treats, have them locally sourced or made.
  • Keep it seasonal. This makes it a little easier to think of wedding favours. If it’s a spring wedding, include some seeds for flowers / veggies. If it’s summer, perhaps a cocktail mix or glass. Think out of the box.


These are just a few ideas and tips to help you along the way. If you want more information, advice and tips on choosing the ideal wedding keepsakes, come and have a cup of coffee with us at The Wedding Specialist. We would love to assist you with this exciting part of the wedding planning process!

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